Stonebridge Operating Co., LLC

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How deep will the pipe be buried?
  • How do you handle tile lines, grass waterways and other field drainage issues?
  • What about fences?
  • I have an electric fence. How do you handle that?
  • How much room will you need during pipeline construction?
  • Why are there different types of pipe used for natural gas gathering lines?
  • How do you decide what type of pipe to use?
  • How much space does the pipeline use after construction?
  • What restrictions are there on my use of the surface?
  • How will my property be restored after construction?
  • How do I know where the pipeline is located?
  • What are the pipes that I see sticking out of the ground?
  • Am I responsible for equipment and materials left on my property at night or on weekends?
  • Why do you need to build a pipeline on my property in the first place?
  • What impact does the oil & gas industry have in Ohio?
  • What does Stonebridge contribute to the local economy?
  • What about the weather? How does it affect pipeline construction?
  • What about damages? How much can I expect to be paid?
  • How does Stonebridge determine how much to pay for "footage" or the amount for the purchase of the right-of-way?
  • Why do you sometimes use a trencher and other times a track hoe or excavator?
  • When will my property be reclaimed and re-seeded?
  • What if the ground settles or the seed doesn't grow?
  • Will the pipeline be safe? What about gas leaks?
  • What about litter or construction debris?